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Our Family


Meet Our Family!

Hi! I'm Alysha, the mommy of the house. The handsome Indian guy is my amazing husband, Ravi, aka Best Dad and Husband in the whole world! Those two little darlings… they’re our whole lives - Halo Leigh (5 yrs old)  is our silly, smart, curly haired toddler, Zen Elle (Almost 3 years old) is our adorably bossy sweet baby girl, and the sweet baby is the latest addition to our family, Crew Parker (7 months), he’s our little prince and last piece of our familial puzzle.

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Things you may want to know about us!

1. I’m African American and Ravi is Indian, both born and raised in Jersey.

2. We met when we were both 19, working at The Gap. Ravi asked me on our first date while I was on lunch in the break room. The rest is history.

3. Ravi and I have been together for 11+ years. The day Halo was born, Ravi proposed - we got married when Halo was one year old. It was great that Halo got to be in our wedding, and she was pulled down the aisle in a wagon!

4. For the birth of our 2nd child, we opted for a home delivery.  Zen was born in a pool in our Living Room while Big Sister looked on!

5. Due to a slightly more complicated pregnancy, we opted for a birthing center rather than a home birth for Crew. It was another unique experience, and we got to keep our family together the whole time. (I will blog about this at some point) 

6. Ravi and I have designed and built Aly to Ash together. No we're not experts, and yes it took forever. It's a lot of work, but it's really exciting that we get to build this together! Three years in business and we are opening a physical location! WILD!

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