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Mom Speak!

Potty in Public


So after reading my previous post, ‘Potty at the Park,’ someone asked me what I do when I'm outside at malls or restaurants with my potty-trained toddler. You can't carry a potty wherever you go, but I definitely have a solution!

My husband found the Primo Folding Potty Seat (available on and we use it exclusively in public restrooms. I am a little bit of a germophobe, so the fear of my baby using a public toilet is terrifying to me. It's also awkward for her to sit on an adult sized seat, and the thought of her falling into that disgusting water gives me nightmares.

Our solution:

1st we put down a toilet seat liner (we got the Dora Potty Topper, also on Amazon). The beauty of these is that they have an adhesive so you don't have to worry about the liner shifting.

On top of that, we place the Primo Potty seat. It puts me at ease to know that there are 2 levels of protection between her and that dirty toilet seat! She's also more comfortable sitting on an appropriately sized seat...Everyone's happy!

We fold and store the seat in a gallon sized Ziploc bag along with the seat liners, and keep them in the diaper bag. We take them everywhere, just in case. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with toddlers!