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Mom Speak!

Postpartum Body Happy



This is me. Here I am over 6 months postpartum. No, my belly is not flat, I do not have abs, and I have not yet lost all of my baby weight.

It seems like nowadays, women go straight from the delivery room to grabbing waist trainers, going on extreme diets, and getting surgery in order to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies ASAP. I'm not gonna lie, it would be awesome to have a baby today and be back in shape tomorrow, but the reality is that our bodies don’t work that way, at least not for most of us.

That being said, I guess you could say I have gone against the grain. I embrace the fact that my body is not what it used to be, and that's OK! Being as though I've given birth to two children in a little over two years, I’m focusing on raising my little ones and being healthy, rather than being skinny.

I am choosing to give myself time! My family is what is most important to me, and they love me no matter what a scale says. My advice to all the mommy's out there is to take your time, and do what makes you happy. Do not force yourself to live up to anyone else's standards. Being a mom is rewarding, but tough, and I refuse to put any more pressure on myself.

It took you 9 months to gain that weight, give yourself at least that much time to get back to where you were physically.

Just be happy!