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Mom Speak!

Potty at the Park


So, the other day I headed to the park with my girls. Before we left, I asked Halo if she needed to use the bathroom, and in pure toddler fashion, she insisted she did not have to go. I persisted a few times, but she was firm, she was positive she did not have to go, and so we left.

We drove the ten minutes to the park, and after about five minutes in, Halo tells me, “Mommy I have to pee!” OK, so I know I can’t be the only one that this has happened to, but I mean come on!!! There is no bathroom, and I was not trying to get Halo and Zen back into their car seats, drive home, get them out of their car seats, go to the bathroom, back into their car seats and then back to the park again.

So in this moment I think, “what do moms with potty trained toddlers do in this situation?” And voila! A mom comes over and introduces the ultimate mommy hack!

She tells me that she keeps a potty in the trunk of her car for situations like mine.

The Travel Potty!!!!! Line the potty with a plastic bag and fill the bag with paper towels, when your little one is done, tie the bag and throw it away.

The mom was kind enough to let Halo use hers. Halo got to pee, the potty remained clean, and we did not have to go home. Quite honestly, had we gone home, I am not sure we would have gone back.

As soon as we got home, I packed up Halo’s old potty and now it stays in our trunk- always!