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Fun Indoor Activities!

Mom Speak!

Fun Indoor Activities!



My husband and I welcomed our second daughter this past November, and although I loved that he took off two weeks from work, no amount of time would have been enough. I had to find ways to keep myself and the kiddos busy, and I’m so happy to share them all with you! Keep in my mind all of these are great activities for when it's too hot, cold or rainy outside. 

  1. Get in touch with your local libraries!!! Most libraries host a year round FREE children’s program, three of which my daughter is enrolled in. The programs usually allow children from 6 weeks to 3 yrs old, and consists of reading stories, singing songs, dancing, playing with toys and an arts & craft project. The programs usually last about an hour,  followed by a free play session. It’s a great way to get to know parents in your area, while getting your little one acquainted with their future classmates. 

    Not only is it the perfect way to get my daughter socialized and prepared for school, but the icing on the cake is that she has so much fun that she usually naps as soon as we get home! We love going all year!

  2. Get your toddler into the kitchen! My toddler loves to help Mommy in any way she can, so when she’s bored, WE BAKE! Halo loves to mix the ingredients and decorate cupcakes and sugar cookies. The fact that she gets to show Daddy what she’s made at the end of the day is the biggest treat to her. While she’s mixing away, I find the time to load the dishwasher or fold some laundry. Seriously... try it!!!

  3. Get a kids dance or exercise video! While we try to minimize Halo’s TV time by learning through play and keeping busy, sometimes I’ll put on a video, and dance videos are her favorite! We can do them together, and she loves to copy the moves from the videos or workouts. Best of all, she is almost guaranteed to nap after going crazy running around the house. It is really important for kids to stay active all year, and since we can’t go outside to play and run in the extreme weather, we do it indoors! The fact that we get to have fun and exercise together is just gravy. Buy, rent or YouTube some videos and get moving!

  4. Have tons of activities on hand at home! We always have finger paint, books, coloring books, flash cards, clay, bubbles and board games on deck. You name it, we have it! Of course we could take the easy route and plop our kid down in front of the TV all day, but that’s not how we parent in this house. We love playing with our babies, and we make the most of our days and build so many amazing memories.

  5. Paid activities. Take your kids to the movies (if they are old enough), little league, swim class at the YMCA, art classes at your local Rec center, museums, aquariums or gym activity classes (ex. My Gym/Little Gym). Not everything in life is free, but you can try rotating some of these activities every month to spice things up.

*Since I have an infant at home, I typically baby wear using my boba wrap while enjoying these activities with my older one.

If any of you parents have suggestions, drop a comment below, I love adding to my lists! Good luck keeping busy!

- Alysha